Despite golf’s popularity among the older demographic, it can actually be quite difficult on the body. Golfers struggling with arthritis or other joint problems may find it difficult to play without pain. Hip arthritis in particular can be very painful while golfing and can affect your ability to play at all. Hip rotation is diminished in people with osteoarthritis, also known as arthritis due to wear and tear. Unfortunately, hip rotation is also incredibly important for proper backswing and follow-through during golf activity.

For avid golfers, total hip replacement may be the key to playing without as much pain as before. Obviously, you will need time to heal before you can start playing golf after hip surgery. We recommend waiting 4 weeks before chipping and putting, and 12 weeks before you start playing full rounds of golf again. However, once the recovery period is over not only will your body see the improvements, but your golf game will too.

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Could your swing actually get better?

Believe it or not, there is a surgery that can make you better at golf—if you have arthritis, that is. For golfers with osteoarthritis, hip surgery could be the solution to improving your golf game at long last. Playing golf after hip surgery is often less painful and produces better results than simply playing through the pain.

Hip surgery restores your range of motion and hip rotation, allowing for better follow-through and backswing capabilities. Golfers also have improved ball striking and driving potential after surgery. And the benefits do not stop with reduced hip pain and tension. Many patients see improvement in other areas that had been affected or burdened by wear and tear on the hip socket, such as their back and arms.

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Showing off your new skills

Playing golf after hip surgery allows you to remember everything you loved about the sport before your arthritis. After about four months you may be fully recovered from total hip replacement surgery and able to return to the level of gameplay you are accustomed to. Take the opportunity to hit the course and show off your new skills.

Hip surgery may also improve your experience of learning golf. Thought you were too old to play? Learning to play golf at 60 is easier than you may think, especially with a new and improved hip. This summer, take a trip down to Calabasas Country Club and play a round in the beautiful California sun. Have no clue where to even start with a golf club? Our expert instructors will give you all the tools you need to make it on the green.

Amazing staff and the place is beautiful.

— Aneel S.

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